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Book Review: Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

My only complaint with this book: I have to wait until November for book two!

Rating: 5/5 ⭐️

Spice level: 2.5/5 🌶️

Genre: High-fantasy with romance


  • Enemies to lovers

  • Slow burn

  • Political intrigue

  • Badass heroine


When Violet is forced to enter the Rider's quadrant instead of becoming a Scribe as she and her father always planned, she is thrust into grueling training and forced to watch her classmates die one by one from the various trials.

Despite all the odds stacked against her (her lack of training, her smaller and frailer body, and more), Violet pushes her mind and body to become who she needs to survive until graduation. Day by day it becomes more challenging, both to survive and to stay away from the hot wingleader who should want to kill her.

My thoughts:

This book was all around fantastic. From the world building allowing you to escape reality to the slow-burn enemies to lovers, there is not one second of this book that did not grab me. The pacing was perfect, I did not feel there was one second of this book where my mind wasn't reeling.

Violet and Xaden's story rivals Tory and Darius from Zodiac Academy in tension and steam, you spend the entire book sitting on the edge of your seat WAITING for one of them to act on their attraction and when they finally do, IT IS SO WORTH THE WAIT.

And these characters are honestly unparalleled. Violet is such a badass and I loved getting to see her learn who she truly is and go for what she wants. Xaden is the epitome of the dark, morally gray character we all know and love. The dragons and their relationships with their riders had me laughing and my heart melting multiple times in this book.

All that to say, if you haven't read this already, PLEASE DO. Especially if you are a Zodiac Academy or ACOTAR fan (but with better writing).

Favorite Quotes:

"Don't borrow tomorrow's trouble."

"My breath catches and my body warms, the traitorous bitch. You are not attracted to toxic men, I remind myself, and yet, here I am, getting all attracted."

"You never considered that it was you I couldn't stay away from?"

"There's nowhere in existence you could go that I wouldn't find you, Violence."


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