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Book Review: Mile High by Liz Tomforde

Series: Windy City #1

Rating: 5/5

Spice: 3/5


  • Sports romance (Hockey)

  • Millionaire romance

  • Workplace romance

Plot: When Stevie takes a job as a flight attendant for the Chicago Raptors hockey team, she sees a flexible schedule with weeks at home to be able to volunteer at her favorite dog shelter. Little does she know playboy Evan Zanders, the team's co-captain and enforcer, would push every one of her buttons...good and bad.

My thoughts: When I first started this book, the whole "oh, Evan's reputation is just an act" felt forced and not authentic. However, as the book continues on you realize the truth in that statement right along side Stevie and I love it. I feel like the author did a great job with this aspect of the book, showing the reader what the public sees and then what Stevie sees.

I'm obsessed with sports romances and Mile High did not disappoint. This book was the perfect balance of spice, game time, and sappy sweet moments. While Zander's was not my usual favorite broody, dark character, I still adored him and the way he loves Stevie for who she is and wants nothing more than to spoil the shit out of her.

This goes down in my top 5 romance books of all time and I loved it, highly recommend.

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