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Book Review: The Right Move by Liz Tomforde

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Series: The Windy City #1

Rating: 5/5⭐️

Spice: 3/5🌶️


  • Dual POV

  • Sports romance (Basketball)

  • Best friend's brother

  • They were roommates (oh my god they were roommates!)

  • Fake dating

  • Grumpy / Sunshine

Content Warnings:

  • Infertility / pregnancy

  • Cheating (previous relationship)

Plot: When the life Indy had been working towards for 22 years comes crashing down in one night, she has no where to go but her best friend's brother's apartment. Her best friend's brother who just so happens to be the recluse Ryan Shay, infamous point guard for the Chicago Devils basketball team.

When Ryan slips up while trying to impress the team manager, Ryan and Indy end up fake-dating. But what happens when the fake-dating begins to feel too real?

My thoughts: This book was wonderful. Watching grumpy, closed off, isolated Ryan slowly let Indy in and not only accepting her chaos but needing her chaos was everything I could ask for in a book. How Liz Tomforde was able to pull together all my top favorite tropes into one book is beyond me.

Ryan and Zanders could not be more different, but I loved them both. This book made me laugh and honestly gave me a little whiplash. The way he proved to her he was committed and wanted the same future as her was beautiful.

The series writing for this book was perfection. Getting to see so much of Zee and Stevie was amazing, and getting to see their relationship progress, while watching the four of them become a family was beautiful. I cannot wait for Caught Up to come out in October (baseball romance here I come)!

I will admit, with how much people were ranting and raving about The Right Move and how much I loved Mile High, I didn't enjoy this book as much as I thought I would. However the fact that this is still a 5-star read shows how high my expectations were for this book. Don't take this as me saying it is "overhyped" or anything, this book deserves every bit of popularity on Booktok it has received and I loved every moment.

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